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Four Best Competitor Website Analysis Tools.

Competitor analysis are specialized tools or software for digging deeper into the available data.
there are plenty of online materials available that will be of helps to monitor competitors’ websites. below are four of the best tools you can look into using for your competitor site analysis!
1 SEMrush
SEMrush builds on the features offered by SpyFu by letting you view things like backlinks and rankings. It also provide you with insights into a company’s social media presence — it is an exciting platform to look at in your flare of website analysis.

2. . CompetitorSpyFX
Looking at other three tools that are being considered,are fantastic competitor analysis resource, and each of them bring unique features for analysis. CompetitorSpyFX on the other hand is a tool that will give you a truly comprehensive look at your competitors’ marketing. CompetitorSpyFX is part of WebFX’s larger digital marketing platform which allows you to view a variety of competitor marketing metrics, including:
• Bounce rate
• Keyword comparison
• Backlinks
• Page traffic e.t.c
Aside viewing current metrics, you can also use CompetitorSpyFX to project what changes to your marketing will help you best surpass your competitors, giving you the power to make data-driven decisions about your digital marketing strategy.
3. . SpyFu
SpyFu is an excellent tool for covering the basics of competitor analysis. SpyFu gives helps you know how high pages across a site are ranking in Google for specific keywords. It also allows you to see how many backlinks a site has, indicating how reputable Google views it.

4 Alexa
Alexa offers many of the same benefits as SpyFu, with one notable addition — it can give you insights into a website’s traffic. A site may get optimized for a keyword, yet still not drive very much traffic. Alexa will let you see how many users are visiting the site.

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