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Five Important Tips to Engage Your Audience on Facebook

1. Post Regularly
Your posting schedule is undoubtedly linked to your followers. Why? The more you post, the more visible you are to your target audience and the more likely you are to reach new users.
Here are two tools to streamline your publishing process:
• A content calendar – This is used to plan out what content you will post to your social media platforms and when they will be published. It’s especially helpful to have a content calendar to align your social media content with upcoming events, such as product or service launches.
• A social media publishing tool – Manually publishing to your Facebook Page can be time-consuming and take you away from more important tasks. With a publishing tool, you can schedule your posts to go live at a specific time and date, and have the peace of mind that your page will always be active.
2. Customize your posts.
One of the reasons why your follower count may have plateaued is because your content isn’t connecting with consumers.
Start experimenting with various types of posts to see what garners more shares, comments, and other forms of engagement. You may find that videos perform much better than images, or that covering certain topics get more shares than others.
As you notice trends in what’s working and what’s not, tweak your strategy, observe, and keep experimenting.

3. Always promotes your Facebook Page everywhere.
If your goal is to gain more followers on your business page, you should direct traffic to your page whenever possible. There are a few ways to do this:
• Add a Facebook plugin to your website.
• Include a CTA in your email newsletter to encourage your subscribers to visit your Facebook Page.
• Embed your Facebook posts whenever relevant in your blog posts.
• Host your giveaways only on Facebook.
• Promote your Facebook Page on other social media platforms

4. Link your Facebook Account to all your digital platforms.
Your Facebook link should be accessible everywhere you have an online presence. This includes your website, email, and social media platforms
It’s as simple as putting “Follow Us,” or “Connect With Us” with the social icons, as shown in the business above.

5. Host Freebies.
Giveaways can be an effective and low-cost way to build brand awareness and attract new Facebook users to your Facebook Page.
To maximize the impact of your giveaway, set rules that encourage audience participation. For instance, your giveaway can require each user to tag a friend in the giveaway post and make a post of their own to qualify to win.

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