Facebook audience

Five Important Tips to Engage Your Audience on Facebook

1. Post Regularly
Your posting schedule is undoubtedly linked to your followers. Why? The more you post, the more visible you are to your target audience and the more likely you are to reach new users.
Here are two tools to streamline your publishing process:
• A content calendar – This is used to plan out what content you will post to your social media platforms and when they will be published. It’s especially helpful to have a content calendar to align your social media content with upcoming events, such as product or service launches.
• A social media publishing tool – Manually publishing to your Facebook Page can be time-consuming and take you away from more important tasks. With a publishing tool, you can schedule your posts to go live at a specific time and date, and have the peace of mind that your page will always be active.
2. Customize your posts.
One of the reasons why your follower count may have plateaued is because your content isn’t connecting with consumers.
Start experimenting with various types of posts to see what garners more shares, comments, and other forms of engagement. You may find that videos perform much better than images, or that covering certain topics get more shares than others.
As you notice trends in what’s working and what’s not, tweak your strategy, observe, and keep experimenting.

3. Always promotes your Facebook Page everywhere.
If your goal is to gain more followers on your business page, you should direct traffic to your page whenever possible. There are a few ways to do this:
• Add a Facebook plugin to your website.
• Include a CTA in your email newsletter to encourage your subscribers to visit your Facebook Page.
• Embed your Facebook posts whenever relevant in your blog posts.
• Host your giveaways only on Facebook.
• Promote your Facebook Page on other social media platforms

4. Link your Facebook Account to all your digital platforms.
Your Facebook link should be accessible everywhere you have an online presence. This includes your website, email, and social media platforms
It’s as simple as putting “Follow Us,” or “Connect With Us” with the social icons, as shown in the business above.

5. Host Freebies.
Giveaways can be an effective and low-cost way to build brand awareness and attract new Facebook users to your Facebook Page.
To maximize the impact of your giveaway, set rules that encourage audience participation. For instance, your giveaway can require each user to tag a friend in the giveaway post and make a post of their own to qualify to win.

Social Media Marketing

Simple Notes on Social Media Marketing For Start Ups

Marketing always has to adapt to new technology and although we can hardly call social media new, a lot of businesses still haven’t caught up or got take advantage of the benefits which come with it.

What is social media marketing?
Social media marketing is any marketing that takes place on social media platforms. This includes a huge range of activities that simply have social media in common. So whether it’s promoting a blog post which involves something like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram it’s called social media marketing.

It is important to recognize that each social medium platform is unique and it requires you adapting to new medium types.

Marketing on social media is important for any organizations now, whether it’s free or with paid ads, social media platforms give you access to huge audiences that you can build and grow yourself.

An organization must devote someone to post on social platforms, even with a low time investment, it works wonders if done properly.

There is no well define way to operate social media marketing as the best strategy is to take planning and tie into a company’s overall strategy. Different approaches work for different businesses.

What is important is that there is potential in social media marketing for most organizations, but it’s rarely a simple matter of sending out a few tweets or post on Facebook/Instagram and waiting for the cash to roll in.

Benefits of social media marketing!
As earlier posited, there are a lot of different strategies, and the outcomes will depend on the ones you choose. But here’s a very basic outline of the main benefits of social media marketing:

• Promote your own content to reach new people without big advertising costs
• Show off your company culture to help aid recruitment
• Create extra avenues to sell and promote your products/services
• Offer quick customer service to customers wherever they may be
• Build loyalty and brand recognition with your customers/clients
while the above mention points help your organization to become profitable, they’re not all one-step journeys to sales. It’s about seeing social media as a platform where many aspects of your business can sit.



It’s every developer’s worst nightmare – you’re working on a new project feature and you screw up. Enter version control systems (VCS) – and more specifically, GitHub.
By rolling out your project with the service, you can view any changes you’ve made or even go back to your previous state (making pesky mistakes a thing of the past). The repository hosting service also boasts a rich open-source development community (making collaboration between teams as easy as pie), as well as providing several other components such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for every project.
Many employers will look for finely honed Git skills, so now’s the perfect time to sign up – plus it’s a great way to get involved and learn from the best with a wide array of open-source projects to work on.

machine learning

3 tips to use machine learning for digital marketing

Machine learning and digital marketing
in the year 2020, it was gathered that 30% of companies have employed machine learning services in driving sales and other processes.

Intelligent machine learning applications can be deployed to increase the output of digital marketing programs and implementations. This advancement can help companies with big data management, personalization and delivering a better customer experience.
For you to improve your digital marketing, it is obvious that you will need to focus on Analytics, Personalization, and Optimization which can be done mechanically with the help of machine learning application.
Machine Learning can be used in all aspects of digital marketing, from search engine optimization & marketing, content marketing, paid advertisements, social media and email marketing.
Here are some of the ways Machine Learning based applications and techniques can be used in digital marketing;

1. Marketing automation
With marketing automation tools, it is expected that more than 10% revenue growth within a year are likely to be generated. As a results of this, over 79% of big brand names have started using marketing automation in the last few years.
Market Automation tool will take your growth strategy to the next phase. Tools built on machine learning can decode and learn from trends, suggest actions based on history and past experiences, and also provide accurate analytics to help you develop strategies and take actions that produce results.
Marketing Automation can have the ability for Customer segmentation, pitching to the exact audience, and sending follow-ups become non-human tasks with advanced ML-based marketing tools. After every implementation and campaign, the tool learns automatically and shows scopes for improvement for future campaigns.

2. Improved customer experience
Delivering a high-end customer experience is at the core of an organizations existence. Integrating Machine Learning-enabled chatbots in your digital marketing process especially on your website can add to the customer experience you deliver.

Many customers want their chat queries answered quickly. That’s when an AI and ML-based chat software can be your way out.

Apart from wait time for customers, chatbot integration ensures 24 x 7 x 365 availability and allows you to broaden your database without any manual interference, once trained, and implemented successfully.

Chatbots also allow you to transfer calls or chats to human agents at any point of time during the conversation with the customer.

Another way chatbots can be used in marketing is you can train and make the chatbot learn (because this machine is designed to learn) to send emails, chat messages, and follow up messages on their own. With this you can send your customers information that is related to your services of products lunch.
This will serve as source of information related to consumer behavior and product performance. These metrics can be used for developing strategies in the future.
3. More optimized advertising
The traditional way of advertising includes choosing the right advertisement content and selecting the right channel or platform to display your advertisement. You will also need to work on finalizing the right time to show your advertisement. This is more a manual job with high chances of ads not delivering to expectations.
With AI-based advertising tools, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads, you can pitch well-optimized ads to your audience. They allow you to find the right audience for your ad and cut your advertising cost significantly.
Apart from reaching your potential customers, you can display ads in a variety of formats and multiply the outcomes from different angles using these advanced ad channels. Just at a glance, you can find potential customers based on the traits of your existing customers or the customers of your competitors.
Not only that, you can send your ads when your average audience is most active. This new-age technology saves your time and spends while improving your returns on investment.
In conclusion, Social media is the most used marketing tool after email. It has also emerged as the main tool to deliver customer service in real-time. Customer engagement, brand promotion, and lead generation are also the top activities of brands on social media. You can use Machine Learning technologies to strengthen your social media as well as with the right team like i4cus Nigeria Limited, your digital marketing just got easier.

tips for designing school portal


1. Easy to Use. As with any website or app, your portal should be user friendly and simple enough to figure out. The purpose of the portal is to make information access easier for the users – so give them a reason to use your platform, otherwise you’ll find that people would prefer to do things the manual way. Study the layout of most popular websites, apps or portals that they use and try to notice a pattern of the most common elements.
See our 8 tips on school website design for more helpful tips
2. Tailor for mobile: These days, everyone is mobilized and no one can afford to be tied to their desk phones or computers. Your platform needs to match this new world. The school portal you adopt should be accessible and work the same on each of your customer’s most relied upon devices: smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers.
3. Stick to relevant Information: One mistake many people make when designing a portal is bombarding the users with all sorts of information. Instead, includes only the most relevant information for the specific users role on their dashboards or front pages and then provide links to more detailed or general information elsewhere so the user can choose what to see.
4. Combine it with a School Management Software: If you want to make your portal even more powerful and effective, you can integrate it with a robust school management system to combine records management features of a school management software, with the connectivity and collaboration features that a portal has to offer.
These are the 4 most essential tips for anyone thinking of designing the perfect school portal website. Good luck!

PHP Web Development

PHP Web Development

Our PHP Developers are well trained and experienced to offer cutting-edge solutions for any specific need of website designing and offers a smart and efficient interface for website designing and development. With the unique advantage of compatibility, versatility, and cost, PHP offers a distinct advantage of dealing with specific requirements at the most affordable options. Its easy integration with HTML makes it even a better platform for any customized website development.