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6 Free Online Website Speed Test Tools

1. GTmetrix –
An online tool that uses YSlow and PageSpeed to evaluate your website’s front-end performance, giving you easy-to-understand information.

2. Rigor
This tool will scan a web page and gather data pertaining to web performance. You are required to provide and verify your email address in order to run tests.

3. SiteSpeed
This web-based website speed testing tool displays relevant data on page-rendering time, such as number of connections made, number of requests made and total download time. It also has additional features such as being able to run the test even if the web page has HTTP authentication (simply supply it with the password to the page) and the ability to simulate different types of Internet connections.

4. OctaGate SiteTimer
is a rather straight forward online tool: you plug in the URL you want to test and, in turn, it will output a bar graph featuring all web page objects containing information such as download start times, end times and duration for each. This tool is beneficial for quickly discovering slow-loading page objects so that you can optimize them to improve website speed.

5. Webslug
Similar to the tool mentioned above, this web tool will compare the site performance of two websites.

6. Web Page test
This nifty online tool tests your web page’s rendering speed in real browsers (Chrome, Firefox and IE) and gives you a choice of conducting the test from several locations around the world. It also has advanced settings with options for simulating common Internet connection speeds (e.g. DSL and 56K dial up) and ad-blocking so you can see the performance cost of running ads on your site.


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