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1. Make Use of guestographics
The nature of your content can be upgraded from just a being a content to be valuable status, this is made possible as through Infographics.
Haven’t said that, infographics are not that easiest to create without the proper resources available. Amongst the tedious creation of it are the time and resources it consumes when collecting original data. As a result, many content writers who are supposed to create a separate infographic for their articles end up pulling from the web and link them.
The above creates a vacuum and an opportunity to use original infographics as a link building tool. Instead of just featuring an infographic on your website, you can pitch it to external publications in exchange for a link and this strategy is referred to ‘guestographics’ as propounded by Brian Dean.

2. Create guest posts for external publications
Writing for external publications has a lot of marketing benefits. Guest posting helps establish your brand as a thought leader, reach your audience in a new way, and — you guessed it — build links.
But just like many other link building tactics before it, guest posting turned very spammy, very quickly. People began throwing together mediocre content, inserting as many links into it as possible, and shopping it around to any website that would publish it.
As a result, most publications developed strict guest posting guidelines to weed out writers who were solely creating content to get links.
For starters, try and reach out to publications that your audience visits. Writing an article for a publication that your audience doesn’t read is a waste of time and resources.
In the year 2020, Google took notice too as reflected on their Twitter to warn SEOs and marketers against guest posting as a spammy link building practice.
Guest posting still works to improve your website’s domain authority. All that you need to do is to just approach it ethically.
Be quality driven and value your audience as they play major role in your content writing skills. That your article is published externally doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to give it less attention than a piece you’d write for your own website.

It is pertinent to note that public relation and SEO have a lot in common.
But when it comes to acquiring links, building relationships is one of the premier tactics for getting the job done. It also happens to be central to effective public relation.
You can Start by connecting with people in your industry and those who work at popular digital publications. That doesn’t mean blasting everyone in your LinkedIn network and asking for backlinks or media placement. It means forming genuine, mutually beneficial relationships. In order words be intentional about building a long lasting relation that is not one sided by creating a synergy with fellow members of your sphere.
Leverage social media and start to build a brand for your company and your thought leaders. Interact with the people in your industry and start sharing original content and ideas.
Many people think you have be a business executive to begin to build a brand, rather it is vise visa. Established yourself as a brand, carve a niche for yourself in the area of interest and partner with people in that space for a mutual relationship.
Plus, the way you present yourself online is still an extension of the company you work for. Growing your own brand will also help to build awareness for your business.
When you start to form connections and become more known among your peers, you’ll notice it’s a lot easier to pitch them for media opportunities.
Note that relationship building is a long-term process which require patience, it payoff makes it well worth the wait.

4. Create Content worthy link
As it is famously said,SEO trends come and go, but good content never goes out of style.
Although “good content” will change depending on who you’re asking. However, for the purpose of building links, we define “good content” as something that’s worth linking to. A good content worthy link has the following criteria:
• Offer a unique opinion or approach
• Be the best and most authoritative resource on the subject
• Be a source of original or aggregated data
• Aim to create top-notch content that builds links on its own. If you can create good content and optimize it to rank in the top five organic search results, you’re in a powerful position.

When thinking long-term, build a plan to create link-worthy content and start growing relationships with others in your industry. While you work on that behind the scenes, dedicate time each week to tactics that will win you backlinks more quickly, such as finding unlinked mentions and reclaiming lost links. Building a link has never been easy but with i4cus Nigeria Limited, we make it easier.

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