how to add Online store on website


It is often common that people create a website before setting up their online store. This is true considering the website is the poster of any business, and adding an online store can be an afterthought. Considering the importance of technology on today’s human endeavors, it doesn’t have to be an afterthought any longer rather part of the plan in building an organization website. Below are the ways to build in an ecommerce on existing or new website;
1. Addition of ecommerce features on your existing website
The first option to add a store to your website is to integrate ecommerce functionality into your website. This is possible if you have full access to edit your website on your own or engage a third party who is your host.
You can just add payment gate ways and shopping carts to make the site an ecommerce compliant.
In order to add ecommerce functionality to current website, there are numbers of third party tools that can be use to integrate ecommerce functionality. Enumerated here are few good ecommerce integration tools:
Selz enables you to build an ecommerce storefront on your existing website.
It provides you with an easy-to-use shopping cart for your customers which come equipped to add products as users shop and review them before checking out. Selz tool have the ability to send reminders to shoppers.
Another advantage of this tool is that it makes it easy for you to integrate buy buttons into your website. You can customize and design buy buttons without complicated coding or hassle.
Below are features of Selz:
1. Security for your store
2. Built-in payments
3. Mobile-friendly shopping carts
4. Customized buy buttons that match your business’s style
This tool works mostly with content management systems (CMS), and also on sites that don’t run on a CMS. Snipcart allows you to add product attributes to your goods to create a transactional platform. This tool makes it quick and easy to integrate a shopping cart fast, saving you time.
Snipcart platform enables you to add ecommerce functionality to your website. It uses HTML and Javascript to integrate the cart into your site, here are few features of snipcart:
1. Ability to sell physical and digital goods
2. Mobile-friendly and responsive shopping carts
3. Automatic email invoices and confirmation.
4. Subscription and recurring payment capabilities
5. Multiple payment support options
6. Develop custom promo codes and coupons
To add ecommerce to your website can also mean to use the Shopify Buy Button. When you use this tool, you get an embeddable product cart and checkout that you can incorporate on your site. You can set up code for individual products and collections.
In order to make your site shoppable and an ecommerce platform solution,the use of Shopify Buy Button id very critical, you can create a user-friendly shopping experience. From mobile-friendly checkout carts to secure shopping experiences, Shopify is just the best model to use to offer users an engaging experience.
Shopify makes it easy for you to customize your shopping experience, too. You can build buttons and carts that match your business’s style, creating a more cohesive shopping experience on your website.
if your site is hosted on a CMS platform , you need an ecommerce plugin for these site. So, like one of these, you can search in your respective site’s store for an ecommerce plugin and this applicable to companies that built there sites on third-party platform.
For you to add an ecommerce plugin to your existing website is relatively easy and simple. All you need is to find the right one and integrate it into your site to start selling your products.
At i4cus Nigeria Limited we know how to add an online store to your website and can build you a separate ecommerce site if you need it. i4cus will deliver an SEO-friendly website that drives more leads and revenue for your company.

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