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2 Best Small Business Website Builders

In this 21 century and for an entrepreneur who wants to take his business to the next level, your website represent and signifies your online presence. Customers will visit your website to find information about your products, learn about your business or services, and go as far as contacting you. As a results of this, the choice of choosing a website builder for your small business and services is a crucial one that must be taken. Below are two important website builder, their advantage and disadvantage when considering for a small business take off.
2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce website development is a website builder for small businesses that is suitable for a small business start-ups and focused on e-commerce which is a great platform to consider if you want sell your products online.
Advantage of BigCommerce
Enumerated here are some of the benefits of using BigCommerce as your site builder:
• Customizable site:BigCommerce can customize your site to suits your ecommerce needs or desires. It offers an app store that help you to make your site unique and personalized. This customization can help you capture more qualified leads for your company.

• conversion-focused templates: if your goal is to make sales which is the ultimate aim of every organization. It is pertinent to find and build a high-converting website, BigCommerce get you access to dozens of templates designed to promote a seamless shopping experience and increase conversions.
• Security: A secure site for an online platform is fundamental for earning sales and winning customers for your business.BigCommerce as a site builder, provides you that security you’ll need to get things like domain names and a shared Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.
• SEO friendly: BigCommerce’s templates are all SEO friendly to ensure your site ranks well in search results. From SEO-friendly HTML elements to site load time, you’ll get everything you need to have a site that ranks in search results.

Cons of BigCommerce
BigCommerce has a few setbacks that you may wish to consider when deciding on the best software for website development for small businesses:
Free themes are limited
While BigCommerce offers varieties of themes to build your site, but very few of them are free. As a matter of fact it has only 12 free template designs, so if those don’t fit your business’s style, you’ll have to pay for a template.
Your fees increase as you grow
One of the major disadvantage and complaints about BigCommerce is that you pay more fees as your business grows. BigCommerce has four tiers plan — each tier has a sales threshold that you cannot exceed without upgrading to the next package.
Many business shy away from this platform because it punishes them for success, making it a significant drawback to the platform.

1. WordPress

WordPress is the best site builder for small business start-ups. It is open-source software that you can use to create your small business website. The open-source nature means you can create a site anywhere and get access to the features you need.
Advantage of WordPress
When it comes to choosing a website builder for small businesses, WordPress offers a lot of pros.
Here are a few:
• Thousands of templates: unlike Bigcommerce site, WordPress has no shortage of template options available to your business. it offers thousands of templates you can choose from, and you can easily customize each one to meet your business’s needs.
• Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly: When you build your small business website, with a site that ranks in search engines. WordPress, regardless of the template option you choose, your site will be SEO friendly and responsive for mobile devices.
• Flexible: Since WordPress is open source, you can build your site how you want. You are not restricted by word press platform, making it easy for you to build a custom site for your small business.
• Plugins: WordPress provides plugins for your website, which is an easy way to get everything you need. From SEO-focused plugins, security plugins, you can pick and choose what to include on your site so you can create the best user experience for your business.
• Massive community: WordPress is one of the most popular website builders, so it has a massive community. As a result, you have a great resource of knowledge and support to help you troubleshoot problems or get advice with building your small business website.
Disadvantage of WordPress
Like any small business website builder, there are disadvantages to WordPress. Enumerated here are few of them.
You have to pay fees
One of the most disadvantage to using WordPress is the fees you must pay to build your site. Though software itself is free, you must pay for everything else, including:
• Hosting fees
• Plugins
• Domain name
• Website design
All these elements, which help you build your site, come at varying fees.
Developer experience is needed
Despite WordPress offers design templates and a drag-and-drop builder, you still need some developer experience to build your site — especially if you opt for a custom WordPress site. When you create a custom site, you need advanced design knowledge to ensure your site looks good.
Also, if you use plugins, you need to know what to do when two plugins aren’t compatible. You may run into this issue as you develop your site, so having some development experience can help navigate these situations — not having that experience can make this situation frustrating.
Furthermore, if you don’t have development experience, you may end up with a slow site. Some WordPress templates can cause business sites to have slow-loading websites. If you don’t have development experience, you may not know how to tweak the code to improve your site load time.
I4cus Nigeria Limited is that technical developer that knows how to build a site that reflects your business’s unique style while also providing ease-of-use to make shopping spree. We’ll help you craft a unique website design that translates into more leads and sales for your business.

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